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Legendary “Queen Of Ranthambore” Machli was given an honorary solemn funeral

Legendary “Queen Of Ranthambore” Machli was given an honorary solemn funeral

  • Tigress Queen of Ranthambore’, ‘Lady of the Lakes’ and ‘Crocodile Killer’: are some of the titles she received during her life.
  • Between 1998 and 2009, the extraordinary popularity of Machli helped the Indian government earn nearly US$100 million.
  • She won the “Lifetime Achievement Award” due to her contribution to conservation and tourist attraction.
  • Indian Government issued a commemorative postal cover and stamp to honor Machli for her ecological and economical contributions.
  • Machli passed away at the age of 20, which made her the world’s oldest-surviving tigress in the wild. This age is higher than the average lifespan (10 to 15 years) of tigers in the wild.

In her 19 years, Machli attacked crocodiles, defended cubs from males, and managed to survive for years with one eye. In August 2016, Machli the Tiger Queen of Ranthambore died at the ripe old age of 19. The Bengal tigress, which dominated a prime, 350-square-mile territory within India’s Ranthambore National Park, became a favorite among tourists for her tenacity in the face of incredible odds.

In addition to living much longer than most other wild tigresses, which usually top out around 15 years of age, Machli killed a 14-foot crocodile, defended her territory against much larger male tigers, and raised cubs even after she’d lost her canine teeth and the use of one eye.

Many consider Machli to have been the most photographed tiger on Earth, and her image appears in innumerable magazines, newspapers, blogs, calendars, and more.

Kalli Doubleday, a carnivore researcher at the University of Texas, Austin, says she grew up as a big cat lover and remembers watching Machli in documentaries.

But it never occurred to her just how unique this one cat was until she saw news reports that the Forest Department of Rajasthan planned to preserve Machli with taxidermy when she finally died.

People wanting to see the tigress earned the park approximately $10 million each year, and the wildlife officials were wary of losing their star.

This didn’t ultimately come to pass, but it inspired Doubleday to study her celebrity, and whether the care she received from humans blurred the lines between her being a domesticated vs. a wild animal.

Other name(s) T-16
Species Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris)
Sex Female
Born c. May 1996[1]
Sawai Madhopur, India
Died 18 August 2016 (aged 20)
Sawai Madhopur, India
Title Queen Mother of Tigers
Tigress Queen of Ranthambore
Lady of the Lakes
Crocodile Killer
Owner Ranthambore National Park
Parent(s) Machali I
Offspring 11 (7 females and 4 males)
Named after Machali I


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