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Brazilian schools resume offline teaching as vaccination campaign advances

ITN News Editor
By ITN News Editor August 3, 2021 19:18

Brazilian schools resume offline teaching as vaccination campaign advances

Brazil resumes offline teaching as its vaccination campaign moves forward.

August 2 is the opening day of the new semester. Nearly one and a half years after the suspension of offline class due to the COVID-19 epidemic, schools across Brazil is gradually resuming face-to-face classes, as the number of vaccinated people keeps expanding.

As of Sunday, Brazil has vaccinated 142.3 million people against COVID-19, including 100.8 million with their first dose and 41.4 million people fully vaccinated.

On Monday, 16 of the capital cities of 27 states started offline classes which had been suspended since March 2020. Other cities also plan to do so this week.

To prevent the spread of the epidemic, most schools arrange students and faculty to take body temperature and perform simple disinfection before entering their schools. When at school, they must wear masks all the time except during lunch time.

In regions such as Sao Paulo, where the situation is the worst, schools with better conditions also conduct nucleic acid tests for teachers and students every week. In Rio de Janeiro, where it is relatively warm in winter, many schools have arranged classes outdoors at the beginning of the class resumption.

“We are divided into class A and class B. Our class A takes class this week, which means only class A can come to school. Class B will come to school next week,” said student Clara Andrade.

Local authorities said that for more than a year since the outbreak of the epidemic, many impoverished students have been unable to take classes online, which has led to a surge of the dropout rate.

“It’s completely different when children go to school. Parents have a lot of things to do every day. Besides, we have to work. So many people lost their jobs during the epidemic. Life is too hard. I really don’t have much time to care for my children, especially because they are naughty,” said Patricia Gama Guimaraes.

According to a survey conducted by the education authorities of Rio de Janeiro before the resumption of classes, the resumption of face-to-face teaching has been supported by more than 82 percent of students’ parents.

ITN News Editor
By ITN News Editor August 3, 2021 19:18