Snow and icy weather blasts southeast of UK

Snow and icy weather blasts southeast of UK


Snow and high winds hit parts of Britain, leading to train cancellations and warnings of delays on the road and in the air in the coming days. The intense winter weather has been dubbed “The Beast from the East” by the country’s tabloids, citing Siberia as the source of Britain’s misery. Forecasters say parts of Britain will feel colder than the Arctic Circle because of low temperatures and high winds.

Meanwhile, the Arctic storm which has hit Europe has descended on Romania, leading to school closures and disrupting rail traffic, while thousands of emergency workers were mobilized. Romania’s CFR railway company said 37 trains were suspended due to the frigid temperatures and dozens more were running late. In Bucharest, where temperatures plunged to minus 8 Celsius. Schools were also closed elsewhere in Romania.

At the same time, Germany has suffered one of its coldest nights, with the mercury dropping below minus 10 degrees Celsius in large parts of the country. It recorded a temperature of minus 30.4 C atop the country’s highest peak, the Zugspitze, overnight. Snowfall and freezing temperatures caused some traffic disruption in the city of Hamburg. Aerial shots of the Outer Alster Lake revealed large ice sheets on its surface.

In the meantime, a sudden freeze and heavy snowfall at the tail end of a relatively mild winter caused traffic disruptions, locked people indoors and prompted authorities to declare a state of emergency in parts of Croatia and Bosnia. The mountainous Gorski Kotar region in western Croatia has been buried in over two metres of snow and clearing services are rushing to clear the roofs of houses in the area to save them from collapsing. About 1,000 Croatian soldiers have joined efforts to clear the snow in the worst-affected areas.