Deep freeze kills eight in Poland

Deep freeze kills eight in Poland


Temperatures sank to minus 20 degrees Celsius in Poland, with double cold air from both Siberia and the North Pole causing at least 8 deaths this week.

According to the Polish government, the death toll has brought the total number of cold related weather deaths to 61 since the beginning of winter.

Temperatures in the Carpathian Mountain in the early morning of Thursday was minus 27.8 degrees Celsius and the temperature in Warsaw, the capital of Poland was about minus 18 degrees Celsius.

The sudden drop in temperature has had an impact on Polish people, forcing them to dress in layers.

“Poland is very cold recently, like minus 20 or more. What I do to stay warm, drink a lot of warm water, and dress up lots of clothes, like layers, like pants, stockings, sweaters, sweat shirts, warm jackets,” said a local resident named Kasia Mosingiewicz.

According to the local meteorological and hydrology authority, the frosty conditions are set to continue until the end of week.