The latest connected smart gadgets from Berlin

The latest connected smart gadgets from Berlin


Augmented reality tracking devices and smart headphones that play music while measuring body temperature and heart rate.

These are just some of the connected technology concepts on show at the ‘Connected World’ conference which opened yesterday in Berlin.

This is the augmented reality 3D tracking system from German start-up VisionLib.

Augmented reality is not in itself new. Google has developed project ‘Tango’ which can add virtual graphics in the reality, when viewed through a smartphone, tablet or glasses.

And most people have heard of Pokemon go, the game from Nintendo where Pokemon go figures are added to the real world though augmented reality.

But this technology is a bit different, it can recognise physical 3D objects and add augmented reality graphics directly on the objects.

The software can for example recognise a toy car and add an augmented reality layer which allows the user to change the colour of the car on the screen.

The company has developed a connected headphone set.

But rather than just playing audio, this one also has a sensor that measures body heat, heart rate and movements.

The device connects to a smartphone, or any other bluetooth enabled device, and feeds real-time information.