Unions decide to call off the rail strike. Earlier the strike caused...

Unions decide to call off the rail strike. Earlier the strike caused immense hardships to commuters


Earlier public protests were raised against the Railway Trade Union action that is being staged without prior notice. The Commuters opine that it is now opportune to halt such Trade Union action causing immense hardships to them.
Chaos reigned at the Colombo Fort and Maradana Railway stations by 6.00 pm yesterday with the stations being overcrowded. It was due to a sudden work stoppage mooted by the locomotive drivers and guards sans any prior notice. Although they had announced that they would be staging the strike from midnight yesterday, it was seen how they had suddenly struck work 6.00 p.m. onwards placing helpless commuters in grave hardships.
Not a single commuter was made aware of their Union action. They had not even been polite enough to intimate this to commuters at the time tickets were being purchased. As a result the commuters were rendered helpless and had to undergo severe hindrances.
In the meantime, a tense situation was witnessed at certain railway stations this morning. A majority of the commuters who arrived at stations to report to their official places of work encountered severe difficulties. Many had to return home as it was not sufficient for hundreds of thousands of commuters who are travelling by train daily.
Also foreign tourists expecting to travel by train experienced encumbrances. According to views expressed by them such events cause a major harm to the country’s image.