Two day Sri Lankan Food Festival opens in Japan

Two day Sri Lankan Food Festival opens in Japan


The 12th Sri Lanka Food Festival and Trade Fair in Japan opened at the Promnado Park in Tokyo North today. The event is being organized by the Sri Lankan Embassy in Japan on the instructions of Sri Lankan Ambassador Prof. Dhammika Ganganath Dissanayake.

Our Special representative Udeshika Ravihari reporting from Japan said that the 12th Sri Lankan Food Festival opened at the Cromnado Park in Tokyo today. The Food Festival will continue until tomorrow.

The Sri Lanka Festival consisted of well over 100 booths and stalls, marketing and projecting products made, primarily in Sri Lanka. Many food stalls are serving authentic Sri Lankan food and beverages as well as non-authentic Sri Lankan food. A number of booths and stalls are selling Sri Lankan products and services ranging from garments, gems & Jewellery, handicrafts, ornamental items, financial and banking services to astrological and ayurvedic services, among others.

Japan’s Former Prime Minister Yasuo Fukudo, Sri Lanka’s Special Envoy Peace and Reconciliation Yasushi Akashi joined at the opening of the Food Fair.

Expressing his views on the occasion Yasushi Akashi said that the relations that built between Japan and Sri Lanka during the J.R. Jaywardena era should be further enhanced. He assured full support to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Japan Prof. Ganganath Dissanayake emphasized the assistance of Japan to build a new Sri Lanka. He said that both countries had been battered by the war. He said he considered that Sri Lanka is now occupying the position that was enjoyed by Japan seven years after the Second World War ended. J.R. Jayawardena after the Second World War len ded a helping hand for Japan to rise up as a new independent country. Also he said Sri Lanka is fortunate if Japan lends support for Sri Lanka to realize its dreams.