Sri Lanka observes World Diabetes Day

Sri Lanka observes World Diabetes Day


World Diabetes Day is observed today. This year’s theme is “Woman and Diabetes our right to a healthy future.”

Health Ministry reports point out that one of every five women of the country’s population is suffering from diabetes. Diabetes is the ninth leading cause of death in women globally, causing 2.1 million deaths per year.

About 700,000 of them are suffering from eye defects. It is pathetic to note that more than 80,000 of them are turning blind.

Doctors are of the opinion that diabetes causes an impact on all organs of the body. Getting rid of food of high sugar concentration, consumption of fibre based food and vegetables, consumption of fruits, physical exercises, minimizing mental pressure and maintaining a stable weight, will lead to avoiding diabetes.

Ministry of Health has initiated several programmes across the island to educate the public on diabetes marking World Diabetes Day.