Ravi Karunanayake resigns from his Ministerial Portfolio

Ravi Karunanayake resigns from his Ministerial Portfolio


Foreign Affairs Minister Ravi Karunanayake has resigned from his Ministerial portfolio. The Minister did so by making a special statement in Parliament.

Ravi Karunanayake said that various allegations against him are “baseless” and emphasized that he has absolutely no connection with the incident in question. But a certain group and the media have made him guilty. They have painted him as a criminal and nailed to the cross. But using the allegations based on him, he had found that there is a conspiracy mooted to destabilize the good governance administration.

He said that those who were rejected by the people, those subjected to fraud and corruption and those who had committed crimes are behind this conspiratorial effort. They are engaged in an untiring effort to regain power to overcome from the punishment they are to receive. He said that these power greedy group will not be permitted to destroy the United National Party. Ravi Karunanayake mentioned that they would also be not permitted to topple the Good Governance administration. No one can be permitted to weaken the efforts being made to rebuild the country that was devastated by the dictatorial Rajapaksa regime. As such setting an example to the entire country, he said that he has decided to resign from his Ministerial Portfolio. History and time will decide the place he owes.

The former Minister said he was proud to sacrifice his position for good governance and that he would with equal pride take his place among the backbenchers in Parliament, knowing that he had sacrificed his position for the greater good.