Public urged to use Right to Information

Public urged to use Right to Information


A discussion was held in Colombo pertaining to Right to Information, yesterday.

The current government passed the right to information act in 2016 to ensure the rights of the general public. It is ostensible that Sri Lankan public are still lagging behind from reaping benefits of the act. The discussion was organized by the Ministry of Finance and Mass Media and the USAID.

It was revealed that the general public can retrieve information from both government organizations and private companies that deal with the government. Additional Secretary to the Ministry of Finance and Mass Media Thilaka Jayasundera said that the best tool for the public to connect with the good governance administration is the right to information act.

She pointed out that if the general public is reluctant to make use of the legislation it is difficult to fulfill the aspired goals. Expert in Communication Nalaka Gunawardena said that the entire population of the country is entitled to the right to information privilege and the media organizations, civil society organizations and other activists should encourage them to use the provision.  It was proposed to set up a center for obtaining information. The participants also opined on measures to make the service of information officers who are already appointed more efficient. The wide range of proposals were presented by the intellectuals, officials and media representatives who were present at the event.