Police cells to be established so that it could be seen from...

Police cells to be established so that it could be seen from outside – DIG Ajith Rohana


It has been decided to establish Police cells so that they be seen from outside and also to light them up. DIG Ajith Rohana said that this initiative has been taken following the unfortunate incidents experienced by some suspects within Police cells.

More attention was drawn to the condition of Police cells with an incident involving the death of a youngster from the Pussellawa area in Gampola by hanging himself to death with the clothes that he was wearing.

Some have expressed doubts whether it is a suicide committed by the youth or whether he was hung after killing. The Police have drawn its dire attention in this respect as several such incidents were reported in the recent past.

DIG Ajith Rohana pointed out that a decision will have to be taken with respect to Police officers who do not take action regarding the safety of the suspects.

The DIG said that on one hand they were following security provisions to modernize the conditions of the prison cells in Police Stations and also to light it up so that those from outside can have a good view and on the other hand he said that they were issuing instructions to Police Officers to consolidate the security of the suspects in Police custody. Instructions were also being given to keep a close tab on them. In addition he said that they expect to take stern disciplinary action against officers who are engaged in improper incidents.