PM proposes an international conference on behalf of free travel and peace...

PM proposes an international conference on behalf of free travel and peace in the Indian Ocean


Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe has referred to the need for the convening of a conference to take necessary initiatives to consolidate peace within the Indian Ocean and free navigation. The Prime Minister emphasized in Australia that Sri Lanka was prepared to take the forefront in the summoning of a conference of all parties concerned.
The Prime Minister expressed these views delivering the keynote address at the banquet hosted at the Law Faculty of the Deakin University in Australia. The event was held at the Deakin Edge Hall at Federal Crescent in Melbourne. Dean of the Law College Sandeep Gopalan greeted the Sri Lankan Prime Minister on his arrival at the Hall to deliver the keynote address. Thereafter the Prime Minister, Prof. Maithri Wickremasinghe and the delegation were conducted to the main hall. It was the Vice Chancellor of the Deakin University Prof. Jane Den Hollander who invited Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe for the deliverance of the address. Chancellor of the Deakin University John Stanhope and University lecturers, lawmakers, students and special guests numbering over 700 were present to listen to the address.
The Prime Minister stressed that the best way to solve issues that surface within the Indian Ocean is the crafting of a Code of Ethics for ships sailing this region. The Prime Minister further said that dire attention should be drawn to maritime terrorism.
The Sri Lankan Prime Minister pointed out that sea terrorism had spread to the hijacking of commercial vessels rather than sea terrorism of the tiger terrorist outfit. Taking into consideration all these factors he mentioned the importance of converting the Indian Ocean into a Peace Zone.
The Prime Minister proposed the holding of a conference jointly by countries affiliated to the Indian Ocean, member countries of the UN Security Council and the main shipping institutions. This, he stressed would lead to reaching an awareness and consensus of all parties. Delivering the Vote of Thanks Dean Sandeep Gopalan said that the lecture, directing the attention of all those present in the hall to a new direction, was of special significance.