Law and Order Ministry launches Media Policy for accurate news

Law and Order Ministry launches Media Policy for accurate news


The Ministry of Law and Order has released a new media policy to provide accurate news to the country. Secretary to the Ministry of Law and Order Jagath P. Wijeweera said that the Ministry will directly mediate on the granting of accurate information with respect to certain news at the national level. He made this reference joining at the launch of the new media policy.

Ministry Secretary Jagath P. Wijeweera pointed out that as a Government they witnessed a trend of providing false information in the form of news. As such they considered what action should be taken as to how this media policy should be carried forward in view of law and order. Accordingly, the President, the Prime Minister and the Minister discussed this matter. Accordingly the Ministry decided that it should get involved so as to suit the public as well as the Police, launching a new media policy today.

In the meantime, a new Police Media Spokesman has been appointed with effect from today. He is DIG Priyantha Jayakody.

The new Police Media Spokesman said that they expect to release the issue of media announcements under two stages based on the new media policy. Especially during controversial situations and when situations surface at the national and international level, it has been decided that an Additional Secretary or a Senior Additional Secretary, to be appointed by the Ministry Secretary will get involved with the media. In addition There are facts which link the Police and in this case the Police will provide the required information as it followed earlier.