ITN launches third stage of the humanitarian programme

ITN launches third stage of the humanitarian programme


The Independent Television Network has embarked on the third Stage of its humanitarian programme to grant relief to people impacted by torrential rain. Under this stage, ITN is giving assistance to uplift the school children impacted by the disaster.

More than 75,000 school children were hindered by the adverse weather conditions experienced in eleven Districts. Uniforms, books and other school gear of these school children were destroyed by floods. These children repented while seeing their school gear, school bags being washed away by the flood waters.

With the intention of assisting these children to return to their schools, the Independent Television Network in collaboration with the Railways Department made arrangements to embark on another programme.

Accordingly commuters who would be travelling by train on the 02nd and 03 can donate at least a pencil, pen, book or any other school gear which will be of immense value to these helpless school children.  Arrangements have been made to accept these donations at any railway station.

Deputy Transport Superintendent Railways V. Saman Polwattage said that they have drawn up a programme to distribute the donations such as books and other school gear that are gathered in this manner among these innocent children.