IGP N.K. Ilangakoon retires

IGP N.K. Ilangakoon retires


N.K. Ilangakoon retires after serving as the Inspector General of Police for a period of nearly five years. Addressing a news conference organized to mark the occasion, he announced that he was retiring with full happiness and relaxation. He did not forget to express his gratitude for the support extended by the media.

Mr. Ilangakoon said that he was retiring after a service period of 36 years in a full relax and happy mood. He said that huis main target was to see that a maximum service was provided by the Police to the people.

N.K. Ilangakoon said that he discharged the duties in the post of Police Chief properly and responsibly. He further said that this should be finally decided by the people and all officials of the Police Service. A journalist queried about the duties he could not perform during in tenure of office. In response, he pointed out that although he could not get a salary hike for Police Officers and could not complete to initiate a special insurance scheme, he was satisfied that it had reached the final stage.

Mr. Ilangakoon said that he could not complete the work related to increasing the salaries of Police officers. But he managed to reach the final stage. The Prime Minister clearly mentioned that he would fulfil this task. He said that a special insurance scheme was sought and it too had reached the final stage.