Five year project for electric train service

Five year project for electric train service


Deputy Minister Ashok Abeysinghe has said that plans are afoot to launch an electric train service. He mentioned in Parliament today that it will be a five year project.

The Deputy Minister said that the Colombo Suburban Train Project was launched on 07th July this year with the aim of embarking on an electric train service in the island. It will be a project to be carried out in five years under five stages. Initial plans for the launch of the Project had been formulated.

A Project Management Unit has also been established and the necessary staff recruited. It is planned to recruit next month the staff required for the acquisition of lands and social security activities.

Ashok Abeysinghe said that a Technical Committee has also been appointed. It is scheduled to draw up the plans needed for the launch of the electric train service. A suitable consultancy firm is now being examined.