Fate of wild animals entering villages due to the drought

Fate of wild animals entering villages due to the drought


Food as well as water are vital for human beings as well as animals. The drought deprives these two essentials for the human being and the animal. It is usual that animals frequent areas where people live when they are deprived for food and water in forests due to the drought. But it is unfortunate that animals who come in search of food and water for living lose their lives.

As a result of the severe drought experienced in Polonnaruwa the arrival of wild elephants and other animals to villages has increased. It has been found how grave the dry climatic condition is that the President himself has issued instructions to the authorities concerned to undertake the distribution of water immediately considering it as an emergency situation.

Wild elephants entering villages due to the dry climatic conditions in the Polonnaruwa District has increased. Some open fire at these wild animals who encroach villages displaying their stupidity.

An elephant that came in search of water to the Manampitiya Periyaru tributary had to face this unfortunate incident. Due to the deepening of the crisis, Wildlife Director General W.S.K. Pathiratne said that they have decided to supply water to these animals in bowsers and other methods. This is an imminent need in Hambantota and Polonnaruwa Districts. However, it is a sigh of relief that wild animals are still not facing a grave water crisis as in other years.

The Wildlife Director General has appealed to the people to refrain from artificially providing food to the wild animals who enter villages. The provision of such food would encourage more animals to enter villages.