Esala Full Moon Poya marking Buddha’s deliverance of first sermon commemorated

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Today is Esala Full Moon Poya Day. It is very significant because many events relative to the life of the Buddha and His sublime teaching took place, on this day, compared to other Full Moon Poya days.

The Blessed One, after attainment of Buddhahood arrived at Saranath and delivered His first sermon the Dhammachakkapavattana Sutta, the Great Discourse of the wheel of Dhamma to his five old companions. In this inspiring sermon, the Buddha explained that there were two extremes, a “Life of Pleasure” and a “Life of self-mortification”. The Buddha in his discourse explained, that He was a believer of the Middle Path and not the two extremes. The Blessed One called upon them to follow the middle path which is the path of purity, the path of virtue and path of Righteousness. Various Pinkamas have been organized throughout the country to mark Esala Full Moon Poya Day. Devotees in large numbers are participating in these religious observances.
The Ven. Ududumbara Kashyapa Thera of the Ihalagama Gallevehera Aranya Senasana delivered the Poya Dhamma Sermon at Temple trees. President Rajapaksa, First Lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa and the family members as well as a large number were present on the occasion.
The Savanek Res Poya programme organized by the Independent Television Network was telecast from the Sri Upulvan Vishnu Devale premises of the Parama Vichithrarama Raja Maha Vihare in Devinuwara. Religious programmes including sil and meditation campaign were organized under the guidance of the Chief Incumbent of the Raja Maha Vihare the Ven. Devinuwara Sirisunanda thera. The Savanak Res main Dhamma Sermon was delivered by the Ven. Dr. Medagoda Abeytissa Thera.
In the meantime, the Sasanaloka programme of Lakhanda Radio was launched at the Sri Upulvan Vishnu Devale premises of the Parama Vichitthrama Raja Maha Vihare. Books were offered to the Samanera monks while mementos were presented to the parents of these monks. A group including ITN Chairman Rosmand Seneratne joined in the occasion. The main Dhamma Sermon of the Sasanaloka programme was delivered by the Ven. Getamanne Gunananda Thera.


  • devika ratnasiri

    I wd be v grateful if you cd let me know from where I cd obtain a DVD copy each of Ven Dr M Abayatissa thero’s sermon at Devinuwara & Ven U Kassapa Thero’s sermon at Temple Trees. Each of these I need not only for myself but for my Mom & sister who live in Australia.
    You’ll be blessed always for this meritorious deed.
    With Meththa

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