Entire country joins in celebrating the National New Year

Entire country joins in celebrating the National New Year


The people welcomed the traditional New Year giving pride of place to customs and traditions. The people displayed a keen enthusiasm in fulfilling the New Year traditions.

The Punya Kalaya or the Nonagathe commenced at 1.49 am today. It was witnessed how the people took the initiative of engaging in religious observances during this period. They visited Buddhist and Hindu places of worship securing blessings for the National New Year.

The traditional New Year dawned at the auspicious time of 8.13 am. The auspicious time for the cooking of the first meal was 10.40 am. The hearth was lit attired in blue and facing the North for the cooking of milk rice mixed with jaggery. Accordingly the people were seen fulfilling these tasks and thereafter getting ready to engage in transactions for the New Year and also the consumption of the first meal. The auspicious time for these activities was at 11.53 am. Accordingly, they took the initiative of attiring in blue colour and carrying out the transactions for taking the first meal facing the Northern direction.

The auspicious time for the anointing of oil for the New Year is at 10.16 am on Monday the 16th. The anointing of oil and bathing should be done also facing the Northern direction as mentioned by the astrologers.

According to the Neketh Settuwa, the auspicious time to leave for work in the New Year is on April 19 at 6.03 am. As mentioned by astrologers it is better to leave for work facing the East and dressed in golden or yellow colour.