Compensation to Rathupaswala people on President’s instructions

Compensation to Rathupaswala people on President’s instructions


Plans are afoot to grant compensation to the people who encountered hindrances as a result of the water crisis that transformed into an altercation.

Accordingly they will receive compensation on the 08th of this month after three years. The compensation is to be paid on instructions issued by President Maithripala Sirisena.

The people of Rathupaswala commenced a protest demanding that a controversial factory in the area be removed as that the water they use for drinking purposes had turned impure due to this factory. They commenced their struggle in the year 2013. Following the launch of an attack on the protesters in August 2013, the Rathupaswala issue became a contentious problem. Three lives including that of school children were lost as a result of this attack. The number that sustained injuries was 35. The Rathupaswala people claimed that they did not receive a solution to their problem in the past.

Under these circumstances, the Secretary to the President held a special discussion last month. At this discussion those impacted by the issue called for the payment of compensation, the supply of pure drinking water and the withdrawal of court cases related to the protest.

Meeting one of their demands it has been decided to pay compensation on the instructions of the President. He had approved a sum of nearly five million rupees to pay compensation.

Accordingly 24 persons within the Gampaha Divisional Secretariat Division, who had been full disabled, partially disabled and had received hospital treatment will receive compensation. Compensation will also be paid to nine persons coming under the Mahara Divisional Secretariat Division. The President drew his attention to meting out justice to those who had faced injustice due to the Rathupaswala incident. A Committee headed by the Gampaha District Secretary was also appointed to submit recommendations. The compensation will be paid on the recommendations of this Committee.