Cataract patients advised to seek immediate treatment from a Government Hospital

Cataract patients advised to seek immediate treatment from a Government Hospital


Many consider their sight as the most precious wealth. It is opportune to direct attention to protecting the sight today than in the past. It is because of the eye diseases that are rife at present. Children as well as adults may suffer eye diseases. As such it is necessary to immediately approach a Government Hospital.

World Sight Day falls on the second Thursday of October. Accordingly this year it is commemorated the day after tomorrow. The Day is commemorated with the intention of educating people on blindness. 285 million in the world are suffering from various eye diseases. About 150,000 of the local population are totally blind, while another 1.5 million are suffering from blindness due to the cataract condition.

The conduct of cataract surgeries according to modern medical science is an easy task. Cataract patients should seek immediate treatment from a Government hospital. The Government is now providing the lenses required for patients who are undergoing cataract surgery.

Eye Specialist Dr. Saliya Pathirana has said that the eye sight will return to normal by undergoing cataract surgery quite easily without incurring any pain.

More than 100 thousand cataract surgeries are being carried out annually in hospitals throughout the country. Patients had to incur a high expenditure for the purchase of lenses for the conduct of cataract surgery. But as the Government is now providing lenses free of charge, the health sectors are calling on the people to undergo surgeries sans any delay.

A walk is being organized on Thursday the 13th in view of World Sight Day. It will begin from near the Vihara Mahadevi Park and proceed to the Independence Square. It will be followed by a Photographic Exhibition. Eye sight of 1300 persons are due to be examined at the premises of the Pinwatte Purana Vihare.