A Police University is the need of the hour; PM

A Police University is the need of the hour; PM


Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe has said that the current need is to establish a Police University. The Prime Minister made this reference joining in the inaugural sessions of the Senior officials conference on terrorist activities and the cracking down within the South and Southeast Asian Zone.

This conference commenced at the BMICH today as an initial measures in the two year course programme mooted by the International Police linked to terrorist activities and a crackdown on international crimes within the South and Southeast Asian Zone. The Project has been launched by the Canadian Government as the financial sponsors. A large gathering of senior officials in Criminal Investigations, Terrorist Investigations, Intelligence Information, enforcement of law and untrained fields representing countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and the Philippines are participating.

Expressing views at this conference, Minister Sagala Ratnayake said that Sri Lanka was a country that was battered by terrorism for a long period. He said that the LTTE was the terrorist outfit that routed in Sri Lanka. He said Sri Lanka was a country that suffered at the hands of the terrorists. Sri Lanka is concentrating hard on developing a Police Force. Training takes a major portion of it and emphasis is on training as well as on the reform process of the Police.

Addressing the gathering, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe pointed out that the need of the hour is to establish a Police University and an opportunity should be afforded to undertake studies on criminal justice within such a University.

The Prime Minister said that there is new challenges that the Police force has to face in the world. Globalization, the development of connectivity, the development of technology have changed the nature of maintaining law and order. It is not an issue of only Sri Lanka. He said he had looked around in many of the countries and they proudly boasts of National Police Academies. The Prime Minister said that the proposal now is for the establishment of a University for Police and Criminal Justice.